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We Are Specialist In Packaging Machines: Multi-Head Weigh Filler Pouch Packing Machine, Multi-Track Packaging Machine, Auger, Filler, Cup Filler, Weigh Filler, Small FFS, PLC Base, Servo And Non-Servo Base Machines. Pharmaceutical Machines: Blister, Strip Packaging, Hot Air Blower, RNB, FBD, Octagon Blender, Cone Blender, Steam Cattle, Reactor, Jacketed Cattle, Jacketed Vessel, Jacketed Tank, Storage Tank, Non IVR Boiler, Coating Pan, Struder Machine, Drum Roster, Liquid Filling, Tube Filling, Rotary Filler, Rotary Pichku Machine. Processing Plant: Chips And Snacks Plant, Spices Plant, Food Plant, Pet Food Processing Plant, Ointment Plant, Gel Filling And Sealing Plant, Sauce And Catch-Up Plant. Printing Unit: Packing Material Plain or Printed Like Roll and Pouches (BOPP, Metalite Poly, Nylon Laminate Poly, HST, Etc.) Printing Machine job Type: Roto and Flexo Both. Electronic Cylinders, Electronic Plates.

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